Key Components of CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

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Have you ever used CO2 laser cutting machine to cut material before? Well, you need to try it. The CO2 laser cutter is a gas laser cutting equipment that is used to cut foam, plastic, glass, soft steel, or textile.

The cutting machine consists of different parts that make the cutting process easy and fast. A quality CO2 laser cutting machine from a reputable and renowned manufacturer is designed to provide efficient performance.

Read on as we take you through the different parts of this machine. In the end, you will be able to know the function of each part of the machine.

Major Parts and Functions of a CO2 laser Cutting Machine

The following parts make up a CO2 machine. We will look at the functions of the parts too. The parts are:

1. Laser Power Supply

The laser power supply provides high—the voltage power that the CO2 laser tubes require. The provided light passes through the reflecting mirrors to the light guide system. The light guide system now directs the laser light in the direction needed for the cutting material.

2. The CO2 laser tube

The CO2 laser tube is the primary part that generates the cutting laser light for the cutting of the workpiece.

3. Reflecting Mirrors

The reflecting mirrors control the light in the needed directions. The mirrors are placed on protective covers to prevent the beam path from malfunctioning. We can use other ways to protect them too.

4. Cutting Torch

The cutting torch consists of the focusing lens, the laser gun body, the auxiliary gas nozzles, etc. It is used to cut the workpiece during the cutting process. We can compare it with the welding torch.

 CO2 laser cutting machine

5.  CNC System

The CNC system is the computer numerical control system that controls the movement of the cutting torch and the cutting plane. CNC system also regulates the laser power output.

6. Control Panel

The Control panel is responsible for the regulation of the entire cutting process of the machine.

7. Cutting Torch Driver

The cutting torch driving device is used to push the cutting torch to move along the Z-axis and the X-axis based on the program. The cutting torch driver has a lead screw and motor that enables the smooth movement of the device.

8. Working Table

The working table is used to display the cutting piece. The working table move based on the control program.

9. The Gas Cylinders

The gas cylinders provide the gas the machine needs for the laser oscillation as well as the auxiliary gas for cutting the workpiece.

10. Water Chiller

The water chiller cools the laser tubes. Meanwhile, a laser tube converts electrical into light energy. The water chiller is required for the removal of excess heat from the tubes.

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