What Are Major Advantages of a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Jewelry

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A fiber laser cutting machine is an electrically operated device that uses concentrated heat energy through laser beams to shape out or inscribe on metals. When these beams come in contact with the metal, it cuts the metal for its appropriate purpose and with precision.

Unlike the traditional method of cutting jewelry, the fiber laser cutting machine for jewelry does a perfect job of cutting metals fast and does not limit the cuts to a single pattern. The cutting is automatic and doesn't require much handling like the traditional method.

Major Uses of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Jewelry.

Creation of complex cutting patterns for jewelry design: 

This technology allows for the creation of complex cutting patterns which cannot be done by the traditional method. Complex cutting patterns can be made up of three or more different lone curves and only the precision of a laser cutter can achieve this.

Creation of unique shapes on jewelry: 

Certain unique shapes cannot be achieved by the traditional methods. Shapes such as brand logos and family emblems need a laser cutter to embed the intimate parts of their designs on jewelry.

Engraving of personal details: 

Certain jewelry types might require the input of personal details. Jewelry types such as wedding rings, promise necklaces, lockets or pendants might require the engraving of certain details such as names, dates or words which the traditional method may not be able to properly achieve

Making of  bulk jewelry designs:

Laser cutters help save the time of creating patterns for multiple jewelry pieces. This method allows manufacturers to produce even more products for sale.

 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Jewelry

Major Advantages of a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Jewelry.

Technology has changed and helped the jewelry industry have more users because of the advantages lacking in the traditional method. Let's see some major advantages of a laser cutter and why you should be getting it for your business.

Ability to cut multiple surfaces:

You will only need one laser cutter to cut through surfaces of different materials. Jewelry metals such as gold, copper, silver and brass can all be cut using one machine.

This saves the cost of having to get a new machine for every metal. Another interesting part here is that laser cutters can also work with nonmetal jewelry materials such as plastic and wood

Ability to work with different shapes and patterns: 

The laser cutter can adapt to as many shares and patterns as needed on jewelry. You might simply need to add a few nozzles but the machine itself needs no replacement.

Manufacturers no longer have to worry about shapes that have different cut sizes as the laser cutter can handle it. This helps hasten the time of production of jewelry.

Ability to work faster than the traditional method: 

Without a doubt, laser cutter machines save the time of production and this is because of their speed. Their ability to cut materials in seconds has made them an attraction to those in the business of jewelry making.

Their speed has given them an advantage over the traditional method as engravements, depending on their complexity can be done in seconds. This time-saving advantage is a major plus for any business owner.

Ability to achieve results without direct contact: 

Laser cutters have no direct contact with the jewelry. This means that you don't have to bother so much with the fixing, clamping or positioning of your jewelry pieces to achieve the desired result.

This advantage of direct contact also helps protect the jewelry from being damaged and helps retain its original quality. The reduction of damage to jewelry pieces also serves means a reduction of loss to the business.

Automation of machine: 

The laser cutter is automated. This means you can input the necessary information and step back for it to do its work.

You don't need to be an expert to use the machine as it's very easy to use and understand. Also, unlike the traditional method, the risk of health hazards involved with cutting jewelry no longer exists.

Do You Need a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Jewelry?

With all the advantages listed above, it's very obvious that anyone in the business of making Jewelry is in need of a laser cutter machine.

At an affordable rate, you can take your business to its next level by getting your very own machine right here.


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